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This listing if for our LEFTOVER SHEETS, all good condition 12×12 inch sheets or different lengths of oracal 651 colors and 631 matte black and matte white as well as generic matte sheets all in usable condition and all WELL BELOW INVOICE COST.
We are selling it BELOW cost to avoid throwing the sheets away, close to 250 sq feet per box, all oracal 651 and 631.                                                                                                     Colors are filled RANDOMLY and you WILL get alot of some colors and few or none of others.
There are 63 colors possibilities but you WILL NOT LIKELY get more than 20 colors.




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  1. robersr

    I got a huge amount of sheets, mostly oracal 651 with a few 631 sheets in it and a decent amount of about 8 colors with a few sheets of a handful of others.

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